we are equal - we are connected - we are one       

Photo or video suggestions  When you have received your t-shirt, please make a photo or Youtube video of yourself. What you do is up to you. Just make sure that the number is clearly shown at least once!. .ANYTHING IS ALLOWED, surprise us!!! Here are some ideas, that may inspire you.

Organize a meeting with persons who already have been numbered (It does not matter if you don't know each other). And make a photo of you all. Example:


Fake a laser portret. Let someone take of photo of you in your We Are Numbers shirt. And Photoshop some cool laser graphics behind you. Examples of old school laser portrets can be found below and here.


Pay a tribute to Leigh Bowery. Go to this website for inspiration. And create your own Bowery inspired portrait. Make sure that your number on the W.A.N. t-shirt is clearly visible.


Make a Warhol masterpiece! Create an artwork which contains a can of Cambell soup (Like Andy Warhol did.) and your We Are Numbers shirt. More info on Andy Warhol here


Showcase. Show your hobbies and talent. Is it poetry, Karaoke, dancing or anything else??? Here are some examples:



Create a new videoclip for an old local hit. Try to find a song that was a big hit in your country, but never succeeded internationally. Wear your WAN shirt, playback and dance to promote the song. It may become a worldwide hit soon, thanks to you!  Here's an example of some local hits: 



Change the world. Tell us your positive message for the world. Here's a beautiful example:



2 Truths and 1 lie. Tell 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself and the We Are Numbers shirt. Remember that all three stories have to be about yourself and the shirt. Here's an example that's not about the We Are Numbers shirt, but is a good inspiration:



PHOTO. Your photo submission should be around 1mb in size. Which is big enough for the book. I will also rescale it to 350 x 467 pixels for the website. Email it to: info@wearenumbers.com


VIDEO. You should upload your video to Youtube and then email the link to: info@wearenumbers.com

Please make sure that the number is clearly visible at least once.