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Here I (Number 1) will try to give you regular news updates and fresh insights on this project. If you have any news, ideas, suggestions, events, parties, etc for We Are Numbers, let me know! Would be cool to collaborate!  info@wearenumbers.com

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Just updated the website...more We Are Numbers madness soon....



I just updated the website with new pictures from all over the world. Thank you everyone who submitted!

Also redesigned the first intro page. With world map and a selection of pictures. I like it now.


We offered the Number 600 Adidas t-shirt to Radio 3FM's Serious Request. The t-shirt was placed in the auction and raised 217 dollar(!). All the money goes to the Red Cross Charity. Really cool!

The generous guy who bought the Number 600 tee is Hans Braak from Rilland. (see picture below)

Lauren Destefano (aka Number 106) offered Number 600 a signed copy of her book as an extra.



It was really nice to meet so many Numbers at the Glow Festival! Here's an impression.


We are really happy that we're back in action! Sorry for the delay in updating. Someone had broken into our house and stole our equipment. We were almost ruined. See update 12-8-2011. But now we're back, hopefully stronger than ever!

Meanwhile Number 135 had published a nice story on Dutchdfa.com ! Have a look here: http://www.dutchdfa.com/news/927/t-shirts-against-mass-fashion

And we're planning a new event. On 12th November we'll be walking the Glow walk through Eindhoven. All Numbers are invited. Number 2 will provide a yummy surprise! Wanna join us? Let us know through Facebook.


We are very sad. On 11-8-2011 someone broke into our house. Two laptops were stolen: a Toshiba C660 en Acer Aspire 7730G. Besides the camera and some small goods, seven We Are Numbers tshirts were stolen too. The tees are numbered; 317,484,485,558,576,577and 583. If you see them somewhere,please let us know. info@wearenumbers.com


Last couple of months we received quite a lot of requests for an eco-version version of the numbered t-shirt.

But instead of flying in some brandnew bio-cotton tees, we decided to work with an extra environmentally friendly option: re-using 2nd hand tees. We bought a couple of second hand t-shirts with prints. And we just "over-numbered" them. Now available in our Ebay store. Here are some impressions:



On Sunday 26th June we've celebrated the We Are Numbers Worldwide Day! We've got nice response from numbers all over the world. And we had a real great time with some numbers at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam!!!  Thank you everyone!

Here's an impression:

(Group picture by Peter Paulsen)

More pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/we-are-numbers/ 


We joined this show:

with this:

Nice! Thanks Jassen for the invitation!



On Sunday 26th June 2011 we are celebrating We Are Numbers Worldwide Day! On this day you should definitely wear your WAN tshirt, so all numbers will be recognizable on the streets worldwide. This year's WAN Worldwide Day theme is “Picnic”. So wear your number, grab food and drinks and go to your nearest park on 26th June. For a nice picnic!

We (Number 1, 2 and 354) will be having our picnic at the Vondel Park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 13.00u till 15.00u. And are inviting all numbers to join us. For a free lunch and get-together. Please let us know if you are coming, so we can get enough food and drinks. (We're aware that not everyone is able to come to Amsterdam. So we're hoping that you'll be wearing your t-shirt anyway. And that you will be organizing your own picnic with fellow Numbers, family and friends in your town.)



On Saturday 11th June 2011 we've been numbering on the Klarendalse Nacht van de Mode during the Arnhem Fashion Biennale. There was a special installation from 19:00h till 23:30h at the AFF.  http://www.arnhemfashionfactory.nl/showshop.htm

Here's an impression of the evening! :

And here's a nice review in the newspaper: http://www.gelderlander.nl/voorpagina/arnhem/article8918512.ece


Soooo cool! Belgian newspaper "De Morgen" wrote a story about our project.


Updated the website and Facebook page.


Received nice pictures from Natalie Gillissen and Erwin Olaf. Cool!

And finished the t-shirt for Anna Trevelyan.


A new year, a new look. So I updated the website.

The project is going really well. Made t-shirts for Roel van Velzen, Arie Boomsma, Giel Beelen en Erwin Olaf. And many others. Nice!


We decided to cancel the "Train Tour & Crazy Cookie Contest".  Due to the snowfall the NS has rescheduled and is expecting big delays. So it's impossible to do a proper tour. It's a real, real pitty!

-Now our plan is to visit the Glazen Huis tomorrow around 16.00h. Please meet us there, if you can.

-Please note: we still have the Number 500 shirt on auction for Serious Request .  UPDATE: The Number 500 t-shirt has been sold to the highest bidder for €83,50 

-And we're suggesting to do a song request on 3fm. If we all request the same song, the more chance we have that it get's played. The song is Numbers from the band Kraftwerk. So please fill that in. Or...if you prefer to request a song from your own favorite band, please choose a song that contains a number. You can do the request here.    Don't forget to mention your own number!


We are supporting the charity campaign Serious Request by 3FM. This year the money goes to the Red Cross campaign for children who lost their parents through AIDS.

We're joining the auction with a special t-shirt. And we'll do a "Train Tour & Crazy Cookie Contest" on Saturday 18-12 to raise money. The schedule is:

11.57h  till 13.08h Amsterdam station

13.35h till 14.38h Utrecht station

15.28h till 16.30h Eindhoven station

At 16.30h we'll walk to the "Glazen Huis" to donate the money.

Please come and visit us with friends, to support the Serious Request campaign!



Here's a small impression of our recent member events.

Below are the pix and videos of our member visit to the Glow Festival. Due to the rainy weather only a few Numbers turned up, but those who were there had a great time! If you weren't there, here's what you missed:



The pictures and video below were made during the Future Now event at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp, Belgium. We did a small expo of our project, including photo gallery and world map. It was really nice!

However one t-shirt was stolen during the party. The stolen number is Number 259 (you can see it on the pix below, before the thief took it). Please report it to us, if you see it, so we can catch the thief!   



Here's a new unfashion protest video!  It's especially made for the launch H&M x Lanvin. I think that their collaboration is just a dumb marketing stunt. You can find my motivation in the video and in this article in Wired Magazine.




1+2=354 ---> Here's picture of our little son Zef!


Our son Zef has been born on 8th June!  He's a great little guy! Loves milk and keeping us awake at night. ; ) We've reserved t-shirt 354 for him. A photo will follow soon.


Here's a new update. Sorry that it took such a while. We've moved to the Netherlands in September and had to work a lot on our house. Now finally things get back to normal again.

Meanwhile we've opened a Facebook page, Hyves page and a Snowfish page. and a Twitter page. If you like, you can find us here:

We Are Numbers at 

We Are Numbers at  

We Are Numbers at 

We Are Numbers at 

The upcoming period we will prepare some international press releases. We'll make some packages and send them out to the media. If you've got some good media contacts (?), please let us know. So we can spread the word.

And soon we'll show new works called "We Are Numbers versus Adidas".................




Judith Osborn (Dutch fashion designer and Enfant Terrible de la Mode) is a friend of Number 1. And she has a great sense of humour and style. For her birthday he made a Number 425 tshirt. And a special Spam Necklace.



Saar is the first numbered baby on the planet! 


Happy new year!!! We wish you happiness, health, inspiration, love and many good hair days! The new year will be a very exciting one! So many things are happening! It's the year of the Tiger. And the year in which Number 1 and 2 will expect a baby. More news soon...


Number 2 gives new ideas for the lady shirts:



Sorry for the delay in updating this site. I just moved from Belgium to the Netherlands. All my stuff was in boxes. No internet. Total panic!!! Now everything is back to normal again. Have started with painting again. And also updated this site today. Some exciting things will happen the upcoming months. Stay tuned...


We are featured in WIRED magazine ! Super cool! Read it here.


Today I added the ideas page to the website. It shows some funny submission inspiration. If you have not submitted your photo or video yet, have a look there and do it as soon as possible.


The amazing Brainpickings website did an interview with me about this project and more. Clever questions from Maria Popova!  Click here to read.


We just came back from the We Are Numbers tour in the USA. It was so much fun! Below is a small impressions of what happened.

We Are Numbers at the WHITE HOUSE!



We Are Numbers at The New York Times!


We Are Numbers at the MoMA, Museum of Modern Art in New York.




We Are Numbers at ELVIS' HOUSE!



We Are Numbers in THIS BOOK!

Buy it at Urban Outfitters stores or buy it online here.




The We Are Numbers art project will be travelling this upcoming period! I and Number 2, Number 27, Number 32 and Number 33 will go on tour through the USA. Nice! We´ll start on 30th April in Atlanta and we´ll arrive in New York on 23rd May. If you are in the neighbourhood, let me know and have a drink with us! (I'm not sure how good my internet access is there, so I may be slow on responding with emails.)



We Are Numbers - Event Three at Espaca Ladda was great! Many enthusiastic reactions, new people were numbered, a camera crew and delicious! food concept made by Number 2 aka Shirley Souhoka (see interview below). I also numbered trendwatcher Tom Palmaerts. And did a collab with The Birthday Song Company. Really cool!!!

     Here's an impression of the event:

Number 1: "Hello dear Number 2!  Thank you for joining me at the event in Gent! Could you tell us what you created for We Are Numbers?"

Number 2: "Well, when you asked me to create WAN-food I thought about a lot of things, something mysterious, because it’s a surprise which number you have, or something tasty in black and white… But in the end I created a soup as a base, just like the black shirt is your base. And every cup was filled with a unique mix of ingredients to give every soup it’s own taste. It was a fresh made vegetable stock with W A N letter vermicelli. And with all the ingredients that I brought, I could create a unique soup for every visitor of the event! I registered every recipe and all of them were unique. That is how I see the culinary way of We Are Numbers."

Number 1: "So from now on there is always soup at a WAN event?"

Number 2: "Well not exactly the same, that’s not my style. For another event I’ll be thinking of another food concept for that moment. Soup is my speciality, so maybe another version or in another way? Why? Did you like my cooking and am I invited again???"

Number 1: "I really enjoyed the different tastes! And yes there will be more events and I need someone who can create culinary artworks!"

Number 2: "Thanks, you can count on me, for sure!"



Tomorrow is We Are Numbers - Event Three at Espaca Ladda. It's really hectic here with all the preparations. Number 2 is cooking like crazy. The gallery opened an invitation page on Facebook. More than 50 people have confirmed to come. Not bad!

I also gave the site a new look. The drawings come from my first sketches of the project. Do you like it?

Number 166 till 170 (aka the band Moodak) sent me a new videoclip: 




Invitation for We Are Numbers - Event Three on 18th April at research gallery Espace Ladda in Gent, Belgium:







It's been confirmed! On saturday 18th April Number 1 and 2 will do a unique art installation at Espace Ladda, Gent, Belgium. Visitors have the chance to become part of the project and will be invited to a multisensorial Number experience. Yummy! You are all invited! More info here.


We Are Numbers was mentioned on Trendhunter and EffigyLab.


Number 166 till 170 have been featured in a dutch news paper. With their We Are Number tees in the picture! Really nice! Congratulations to this great band.




We've been talking with Espace Ladda, in Gent, Belgium to do an installation there very soon. Nothing's confirmed yet, but as soon as we got more details we'll post it here.  


The We Are Numbers event at the Panama was really cool! Unfortunately many Numbers could not make it to Amsterdam, but those who came had a real great time! Number 166 till 170 (aka Moodak) played an amazing set and even a few new Numbers joined our club during the evening! Here's a little impression:




This friday Number 166 till 170  (aka super band Moodak) will perform live in the Panama in Amsterdam! Really cool! I hope to see many of you out there! Unfortunately the organization "Tribe of Noise" was not able to include my live installation into their schedule. I'm really disappointed about it.  :-(  However I'll be there in the crowd anyway, together with Number 2 and we are looking forward to meet you all in person!!! Will be fun!

Please note: tickets at the door will be 15 euro. Pre-sale tickets are 10 euro. And Moodak is offering a limited amount of discounted tickets for only €7,50 !!! Just email to:  info@moodak.nl and you may be lucky!



In May I'm planning to do a trip in the USA. Number 2, 27, 32 and 33 will be joining too. We' ll start in New York and then go southwards to Atlanta. I would love to plan a cool We Are Numbers Event during one day of this period. It could be a party, an exhibition, a get-together or whatsoever. If you have any ideas on the location, if you want to come, participate or help me to organize it, please let me know!!!

email to: info@wearenumbers.com




On friday 13th February Number 166 till 170  (aka Moodak) will perform live at "Tribe of Noise" in the Panama in Amsterdam. They have asked me, Number 1, to do a little art installation there with the We Are Numbers tees. Cool!!!

AND even cooler: it's also a good chance to meet some fellow numbers!!! ==>So if you are in the neighbourhood, make sure you wear your WAN tee, come to the Panama and have a drink with us! Will be sooo much fun!

You can pre-book your ticket here

Moodak is also planning to record their video clip over there. If you want to be part of the clip in your WAN tee, please send me an email mentioning that you want to come. info@wearenumbers.com


PLEASE NOTE: The ticket is also valid for the After Party @ Panama Nightclub featuring Sister Bliss of Faithless. Nice!




Although the We Are Numbers project had already started in 2006, it really took off in 2009. That's why this super new news page was created on 2nd January 2009.

The first stage appearance of We Are Numbers-shirts 167-170. Moodak live at Patronaat, Haarlem, supporting Red Snapper!

 <a href="http://moodak.bandcamp.mu/album/throwing-the-plates">1. Throwing The Plates by Moodak</a>

New Moodak-songs & rmxs : www.moodak.nl


We Are Numbers featured in Bright Magazine this month! NlCE!!! For older media clippings, have a look at these links below:


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Here's an article on Madonna's new video clip "4 Minutes" to be premiered on April 4th. She seems to be inspired by our t-shirts and this old videoclip from Number 2!



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